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End to end development of packaging development

Milk-based product format


Execute End to End Packaging development including the filling machinery and packaging documentation.

Packaging Procurement


Identification of right quality vendors for each of the packaging BOM.


Advisory on "should cost model", provide choice of vendors for competitive bidding.


Supporting the procurement function for negotiation via techno-commercial inputs.

Packaging Lines


Identification of right quality suppliers as per product and packaging needs


Defining technical specifications for machinery.


Placement of 5 vendors for each product format for competitive bidding.


Strategic advice on shortlisting and order placement


Packaging line qualification and process validation.

Packaging Development

Packaging Design for Bottle, Cup, Lidding film, Lid, Intermediate packaging and Secondary packaging.

Building design for right cost efficiencies for manufacturing.

Choice of right technology of manufacturing for given packaging material.

Identification of right material specifications and structures.

Development of Mold, Printing Cylinders / Stereos

Development of qualification protocols for each packaging BOM.

Qualification of molds and Print proofs.

Optimization of specification to bring cost efficiencies.

Testing, validation and Issue of final Drawings and Specification including and KLDs for artwork.

Development of Test methods for testing all Packaging components.

Development of Supply guidelines for packaging material suppliers including Food safety.

Overall Benefits to the Business

Machine Capex reduction by 15%.

A cost reduction of 20% from the budget for packaging material.

One of its kind in market -a 2 Layer Thermoformed cup development to powerfully communicate the product cues.

A single point of contact for all packaging needs delivering end to end techno-commercial project management.