Evolving the form of an iconic soap bar | Leading Home Care Company

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Evolving the form of an iconic soap bar

Leading Home Care Company

Main Objective

A leading home care company approached Packfora to recreate the form of their soap bar by using existing infrastructure & supply chain systems for multiple markets across the globe

Scope of engagement


Generating concepts that align the brand key, user perception and insights


Providing relevant data and prototypes for multiple user tests


Alignment of design with supply chain & marketing requirements


Providing the 3D model data for final concepts for all SKUs and their weight variations

Our solutions


15 concepts shared; 3 concepts detailed; 2 concepts verified with manufacturing feasibility & 3D printed prototypes


Provided 3D models for 2 SKU’s with three weight variations


Provided 3D model with engineering detailing for consumer group discussions and testing

Overall Benefits to the Business

Size Perception:
15% increase in dimensions while maintaining the weight/volume
20% increase in size compared to main competition in category

Adherence to manufacturing feasibility while meeting the brand guidelines

Achieved cost target by abiding to the supply chain norms

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